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A New Jersey Careless Driving Lawyer Can Help With a Careless Driving Charge

Officers are loath to admit it, but they lie in wait for motorists, hoping to catch a driver who happens to veer from his lane momentarily or fail to make a complete stop. Such is the stuff of easy pickings for traffic tickets, but the cost to the motorist is real. Careless driving may not seem like a very serious charge, but you may decide that it is in your best interests to seek the assistance of a New Jersey defense attorney to fight your case.

A New Jersey Careless Driving Lawyer Discusses the Definition of Careless Driving

New Jersey Statute 39:4-97 defines careless driving as the operation of a motor vehicle in a careless manner, or incautiously and without circumspection. The statute also states that careless driving is that which is likely to endanger a person or property. As a New Jersey defense attorney will tell you, it is important to keep in mind the fact that a likelihood of danger is all that is required to meet the charge. While this makes it easier to find the motorist guilty if the ticket is fought in municipal court, it is also fertile ground for developing a defense.

Your Traffic Violation Attorney in NJ on Penalties for Careless Driving

Careless driving penalties may seem insignificant on first notice, but keep in mind that points on a driving record are cumulative. As such, the two point penalty you receive for a conviction can take you that much closer to having your license suspended. Along with the points on your record you face a maximum $200 fine and up to 15 days in jail. As your New Jersey defense attorney can attest, for a seemingly simple careless driving charge you can face jail time. Resultantly, this is not a charge to be taken lightly.

How Your New Jersey Defense Attorney May Help You

Careless driving charges are notoriously subjective in nature. What is a mere failure to stop for one officer can be written up by another as a careless driving. Your New Jersey defense attorney should understand that while officers may have good intentions, their judgment may not always be accurate. Your attorney will analyze the details of your case, and listen to your explanation to determine whether your violation really meets the statutory requirements appropriate for a charge of careless driving.

Even when it is evident that your charge has merit, your New Jersey defense attorney may be able to negotiate with the court to reduce your charges and even your penalties. The most important thing is to keep you from facing jail time and to free points on your driving record. Not receiving points on your license is desirable since points can lead to an increase in insurance costs, especially if you are a young driver.

Call a New Jersey Defense Attorney for Assistance

If you have been ticketed for careless driving, you owe it to yourself to fight to have your charges dismissed, or at least reduced. A New Jersey defense attorney has the knowledge and experience to provide you with effective representation. Call the Clark Law Firm, PC to schedule a consultation today at 877-841-8855.

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