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A New Jersey Accident Lawyer Discusses Commercial Class Actions

Working with a New Jersey accident lawyer through the commercial class action litigation process can help you better understand the intricate and complex federal rules of procedure as they apply to this unique area of the law. Commercial class actions are formed in order to hold a commercial manufacturer or seller of consumer goods or services liable for harm caused to hundreds or thousands of people. A New Jersey accident lawyer can better explain the procedural timeline at your initial consultation as the class action often involves additional steps not required by traditional civil litigation.

A New Jersey Accident Attorney Can Help If You Are Injured by a Consumer Product

Class action lawsuits not only holds corporate conglomerates liable on a grander scale, they provide publicity and media attention to a problem plaguing plaintiffs across the United States. Your New Jersey accident lawyer will explain that companies will try their best to avoid negative attention through a class action lawsuit and may be willing to settle with plaintiffs prior to a lengthy trial.

Class actions often come about following a nationwide recall of a particular product. If you were once injured by a product that has since been recalled, consider meeting with a New Jersey accident lawyer right away to discuss your rights. This process is very common in the context of prescription and over-the-counter drugs as companies are routinely caught marketing drugs for off-label uses or intentionally concealing dangerous side effects.

A New Jersey Accident Attorney Explains the Requirements to Join a Class Action

Your New Jersey accident attorney will review the facts of your case to determine if you are a good fit for a class action lawsuit. Members of a class action must be suffering a similar harm caused by the same identifiable defendant. As such, the results of the class action, whatever they may be, must adequately address the needs of all plaintiffs involved. For more information about the more specific requisites of joining a class action, call a New Jersey accident lawyer today.

Contact an Experienced and Competent New Jersey Class Action Lawyer

If you are in search of a knowledgeable New Jersey accident lawyer who is not intimidated by large corporate defendants, contact the Clark Law Firm, PC today by calling (877) 841-8855.

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