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How can a New Jersey personal injury attorney help me with my Accutane case?

Accutane is a powerful, often over-prescribed medication touted to be the best treatment for severe acne. However, as your New Jersey personal injury attorney will explain further, persons believe to have been harmed by this allegedly dangerous drug have experienced significant, long-lasting side effects including depression, digestive problems and defects in children born of women who used Accutane while pregnant. If you have endured some of these side effects and would like to discuss the possibility of a lawsuit, the best thing to do is contact a New Jersey personal injury attorney right away.

How does a civil lawsuit involving Accutane progress?

One of the first questions posed by our potential clients is usually regarding the progression and time commitment of a personal injury lawsuit. With regard to a lawsuit potentially involving the drug Accutane, the first thing for you and your New Jersey personal injury attorney to decide is whether to pursue a class action or an individual lawsuit. There have been several class actions filed against F. Hoffmann-LaRoche Ltd., the makers of Accutane. Your New Jersey personal injury attorney can likely describe one of the best case examples of an Accutane lawsuit, which took place in New Jersey and netted a $26 million award for the plaintiff. In addition, Hoffman-LaRoche has faced 5 other class actions, resulting in a total penalty amount of $56 million.

Can a New Jersey personal injury attorney help me decide whether to sue?

While your lawyer cannot guarantee a particular outcome for you, he can certainly review the facts of your Accutane case to determine whether you have a strong likelihood of success. For instance, many successful Accutane cases have involved diagnoses of irritable bowel disease, Chrohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, depression and anxiety.

Your New Jersey personal injury lawyer will encourage you to organize and compile your medical bills, as well as document your lost wages due to your illness. Once your New Jersey personal injury lawyer has reviewed all your documents, he will help you decide whether to pursue your claim, as well as whether a class action is in your best interest.

Contact a New Jersey personal injury lawyer today

If you believe that you have been severely injured by the acne drug Accutane, we encourage you to contact a New Jersey personal injury attorney today. For more information or to speak with a reputable attorney knowledgeable about the specifics of Accutane litigation, contact the Clark Law Firm, PC with offices in Belmar, Rutherford and Newark today at 877-841-8855.


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