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Toxic Pharmaceutical Torts

On average, Americans are exposed to hundreds of chemicals on a daily basis, and such potentially harmful chemicals can be found in everyday things, such as our food, water, and the air. Keep in mind, too, that there are chemicals that we ingest on purpose, such as the medications that we use to treat our health issues. A New Jersey defective drug lawyer from a NJ accident law firm will tell you that the majority of the pharmaceutical drugs that we take have side effects; however, we still have a certain level of expectation with regard to their safety.

For instance, it is reasonable for individuals to expect that the drugs taken are appropriately labeled and have not been contaminated during the manufacturing process. We also anticipate that drug manufacturers will inform us of all the health risks that are known. However, when a manufacturer fails to live up to such expectations and you are injured from a drug as a result, you have a right to seek compensation by filing what is known as a toxic tort claim.

Toxic tort claims falls into the general category of defective products; however, an experienced New Jersey accident law firm with a defective drug lawyer will advise you that there are certain issues that are specific to toxic pharmaceutical torts. The most common types of toxic torts that pertain to pharmaceuticals involve the contamination of the drug during the manufacturing or shipping process. When manufacturing pharmaceuticals, certain precautions are necessary that are not necessary with other kinds of manufacturing. For instance, it probably wouldn’t matter whether or not a bike factory was clean, but a dirty pharmaceutical factory is potentially deadly.

Sadly, a lot of drug companies might choose to forgo quality controls in order to keep costs down. More and more pharmaceuticals are being manufactured outside of the U.S., and these plants are hardly ever inspected by the Food and Drug Administration. Still, even if a drug is manufactured under the strictest standards, substituting one drug for another is potentially disastrous, as well.

If you have been harmed by a defective drug of some sort and you believe that you would benefit from having the services of a New Jersey defective drug lawyer from a qualified NJ accident law firm, please contact one of the experienced attorneys at the Clark Law Firm, PC by calling 877-841-8855 or filling out the form on this page.

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