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Preparing for the Initial Meeting with Your New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer

Once a New Jersey personal injury lawyer has agreed to meet with you, he will typically advise you there are steps to be taken prior to the actual first substantive meeting. Some are “dos” and some are “don’ts.”

Do take every step necessary to seek the required medical treatment

See a doctor. This is especially so if you are experiencing any form of pain or discomfort, but also necessary even if you are not. Often symptoms do not appear immediately. If you have been involved in an accident, see a doctor, preferably one of your own choice. Do not expect your New Jersey personal injury lawyer to refer you to one.

Do make sure you are able to work

If the nature of your job causes difficulties, substantial discomfort or pain due to the nature of your injuries, ask your doctor about staying out of work, at least temporarily. If the doctor says it is up to you, don’t go back to work if this will cause pain or substantial discomfort.

Do obtain and preserve all evidence of the incident

Pictures, witnesses and evidence of the damages are all fundamental to your case and eventual recovery. What occurred at the scene of the incident is essential. Yes, it can be reconstructed, but pictures taken at the time or immediately thereafter are very persuasive. For example, if an automobile has been damaged, take pictures before any appraisal or repairs.

When you come in for your meeting with your New Jersey personal injury lawyer, bring in the list of witnesses, complete with addresses and telephone numbers and all other information you may have.

Don’t discuss your case with anyone

Of course you need to acquire contact information from your witnesses, but that should be the extent of your conversation. Don’t talk about what happened.

Don’t give any information to a representative of any insurance company. Do obtain the name and telephone number of the adjuster and provide this to your lawyer, but don’t make any statements.

New Jersey personal injury lawyer Gerald Clark understands the issues involved in personal injury cases and is here to help. Mr. Clark provides a complimentary initial consultation.  Call (877) 841-8855 for an appointment. Call today.

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