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Scaffolding Accident Injury Lawyer in Newark, NJ Shares Causes and Impacts of Scaffolding Accidents

Let’s take a deep dive into scaffolding accident causes, prevention, and safety in New Jersey. Worker’s safety should always be a priority at any construction project, but unfortunately, there are times when safety is compromised. If you need legal assistance, call Clark Law Firm P.C. at 1-877-841-8855 to speak to a scaffolding accident injury lawyer in Newark, New Jersey.


Scaffolding is Commonly Found at Construction Sites Throughout New Jersey


Scaffolding is commonly used at construction sites, providing workers with a safe and elevated platform to perform their tasks. However, when proper safety measures are not implemented, scaffolding accidents can occur at Newark, New Jersey construction sites that may lead to serious injuries or even fatalities. Clark Law Firm P.C. handled a case in which a worker fell from scaffolding and recovered $400,000 for the injured mason worker.  This case is just one example of how construction workers are put at risk while working on Newark construction site projects.


Note: past settlements are not representative of future outcomes as each case has many different factors and moving parts that impact the outcome.

Scaffolding Accident Injury Lawyer in Newark, NJ Shares Causes and Impacts of Scaffolding Accidents

Understanding Scaffolding Accidents: What is a Scaffolding Accident in New Jersey


Scaffolding accidents refer to any mishap or incident that occurs while working on or around scaffolding structures. These accidents can involve falls, collapses, falling objects, or structural failures, resulting in injuries to workers and others in the vicinity.


What Are Some Common Causes of Scaffolding Accidents in Essex County?


Lack of proper training: Insufficient knowledge and training on scaffolding usage, and dismantling can increase the risk of accidents.


Poor maintenance and inspection: Neglecting regular maintenance and inspections can lead to weakened or faulty scaffolding structures. Scaffolding safety protocols need to include timely maintenance and inspection.


Inadequate fall protection: Failure to provide or use proper fall protection systems, such as guardrails and personal fall arrest systems, can result in severe injuries in construction site workers in Newark, NJ.


Adverse weather conditions: High winds, rain, sleet, ice or snow can compromise the stability of scaffolding, increasing the chances of accidents.


Improper installation: Incorrect assembly and installation of scaffolding components can lead to structural instability and collapses.


Too much weight: an overly burdened scaffolding may collapse, and it is imperative to ensure that scaffolding does not have more weight than it can safely handle.


Impact and Consequences of Scaffolding Accidents in Newark, New Jersey


Scaffolding accidents can have devastating consequences, both for the workers involved and the construction project as a whole.


The Negative Impacts of Scaffolding Accidents in NJ Are:


  • Severe injuries: Falls from scaffolding can cause fractures, head injuries, spinal cord damage, and even death. In the case we referenced above, the injured mason worker, suffered a fractured calcaneus and needed to have surgery to get a metal plate and screws to hold the bone back together.
  • Financial strains and burdens: Scaffolding accidents often lead to medical expenses, loss of wages, and legal costs for injured workers and their families.
  • Project delays: Accidents disrupt construction schedules, leading to delays and increased costs. A plan to compromise safety at the expense of finishing a project by a deadline can actually backfire and lead to extended delays if a scaffolding worker is injured.
  • A Bad Reputation: Construction companies with a history of scaffolding accidents may face consequences of having a “bad reputation” in their local area.


Have You Been Injured at a Construction Site in New Jersey?


If you were injured or hurt while working at a construction site project in Essex or Monmouth Counties, call Clark Law Firm P.C. at 1-877-841-8855 to speak to a scaffolding accident injury lawyer in Newark, NJ.  We also handle workplace and personal injury cases.  Chat with us online about your case here.  Hablamos Español-Falamos Português.