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Settlement or Trial

Of preeminent concern in any client’s mind – aside from whether they are likely to win – is how much their New Jersey personal injury lawyers are going to charge for their representation. Clients often pose questions about the settlement process and whether accepting a settlement is the best course of action for their case. While proceeding to trial will take more time and preparation from your attorney, you may want to consider all factors before accepting a settlement from defendant’s insurer.

What Is the Likelihood of Settling Before Trial?

The answer to this question depends heavily upon the particular facts of your case. Your New Jersey personal injury lawyers will undoubtedly offer advice as to whether your case should proceed to settlement or trial, and the reasons behind their conclusions. One reason why a settlement may be in your best interest is if your case is weaker than your lawyers would like, prompting them to encourage you to settle. Taking a chance at trial with a weak case might result in losing your case and recovering nothing.

Defendants may be eager to settle if they believe your case is strong or sympathetic. This strategy comes into play when the defendant senses that it will likely end up paying much less in a settlement than following days of testimony in front of an empathetic jury.

What Should I Do During Preparation?

Keeping in touch with your New Jersey personal injury lawyers is of utmost importance as you prepare for trial. During the discovery process, you may need to answer interrogatories or attend a deposition. Also, you must prepare a number of documents for your attorney and you should make an effort to organize everything related to your case. Lastly, and most obviously, always stay out of trouble while preparing for a lawsuit, negative information about you could wind up as part of the defendant’s case.

Need Assistance?

Attorney Gerald Clark is a New Jersey personal injury lawyer with experience and knowledge about the settlement process. Give him a call today at 877-841-8855.

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