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Supermarket Fall Downs

A staple of American society is the almost weekly trip to the grocery store.  However, when business owners fail to identify and remedy dangerous conditions on their premises, customers may become seriously injured. Store owners have a duty to protect shoppers from these dangers and when they fail to do so, those injured can be entitled to compensation for their harm.

Whether you shop at Foodtown, Shoprite, A&P, Wegmans or Acme for your everyday needs, owners of these stores have a duty to take reasonable care to keep you safe from unreasonable harms.  When they breach this duty and fail to protect your health and well-being, this is considered negligence and you may be entitled to relief for your injuries.

A common source of injuries at supermarkets are slip and fall cases.  Most of these incidents occur when a patron slips on a liquid or slick material on the floor, causing them to lose their footing.  Serious injury such as broken legs, hips, or arms can result from these slip and fall incidents; brain damage and spinal chord injuries can occur as well.

Another cause of serious injuries are trip and fall cases in which a customer trips over an object, often a permanent or semi-permanent object, causing them to fall forward and injure their face, hands, and arms.  Serious head trauma is known to occur when patrons who trip and fall are unable to break their fall and contact an object while falling.

A high percentage of these fall down incidents occur because of the negligence of store owners: particularly in their failure to remedy spills causing slippery areas, sidewalk cracks, icy conditions, floor defects, raised carpets and areas made dangerous by poor lighting.  These type of fall down injuries can occur almost anywhere: inside the store between the aisles, when entering or exiting the store, or in the store parking lot.

If you or someone you love has been injured by a supermarket’s negligence you may be entitled to relief.  Store owners are not permitted to ignore unreasonably dangerous conditions on their property and should not be given a free pass to cause you or someone you care about harm.  Supermarkets are supposed to provide for the community, selling safe products and keeping areas persons come to shop for these products free from unreasonably dangerous conditions.

The experienced accident lawyers at the Clark Law Firm, PC do not allow store owners to bypass this responsibility and either should you. Contact the personal injury attorneys at the Clark Law Firm, PC today to assert your rights and hold those responsible for your injuries accountable.

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