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The Damage Evaluation Checklist

Thorough preparation by your NJ accident attorney is absolutely essential in winning your case. He or she may use a checklist of questions regarding your injuries as a tool to find all of the proper documents or witnesses before the trial.

Damage Evaluation Checklist

In order to come up with the real settlement value of a case, your NJ accident attorney must examine all possible items of damage. Listed below is a damage evaluation checklist that covers many of the different elements of damages for which you might be able to recover and sources of proof for each of them. Your attorney will think about how to answer to each of these before settlement or trial.

  1. Have all aspects of pain and suffering (past, present and future) been examined and evaluated?

  2. Are there any witnesses who have observed or are qualified to describe and testify to the client’s pain and suffering?

  3. Will the medical records and physician’s testimony further verify the client’s pain and suffering?

  4. Are there any photographs, videotapes or films available that can show the client’s pain and suffering?

  5. Are there any methods or means available to relieve the client’s pain and suffering?

  6. Has the client made changes or adjustments in lifestyle to deal with the pain and suffering?

  7. Has the client changed jobs or job functions due to his pain?

  8. Has the client acquired any special medical support equipment to help ease the pain?

  9. Has the client received any special therapy to lessen the pain?

  10. Does the pain and suffering derive not only from the physical injury, but also from an associated psychological injury?

  11. Will the doctor’s report or hospital records confirm the client’s mental pain and suffering?

  12. Do the reports filed by physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, health care providers and hospitals all indicate that the client’s symptoms and medical/psychological problems are causally connected to the trauma/incident/accident?

  13. Does the client take any medication to alleviate the mental pain and suffering?

  14. Is there expert medical testimony available to substantiate and describe the client’s pain and suffering?

  15. Has the client’s injury reduced his or her capacity for social activities, hobbies, or other recreational activities?

  16. Has the injury altered the client’s attitude on life?

  17. Has the injury influenced the client’s personality?

  18. Are there witnesses who have observed and could testify to such a change?

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