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The Necessity for Keeping a Personal Injury Journal

An experienced New Jersey accident law firm understands the realities of the timeline in personal injury cases.  Often, many weeks, months or even years transpire between the time of your injury and the trial. Over time memories fade.  The specifics about how you felt on a specific day or which day or days you missed work due to your injury are crucial factors that may well determine the dollar amount of your recovery.

The Purpose of the Journal

The bottom line is to provide an accurate record.  A daily journal in your own handwriting is the best evidence of the pain you are experiencing and the problems that result from that pain, such as your inability to work.  In some situations, your New Jersey accident law firm may suggest a typed journal; perhaps your handwriting is weak or your injury incapacitates your ability to write.

Describe your Emotions and Feelings on Each Day

Be open and honest.  Avoid general statements, such as “I can’t sleep,” or “I can’t move my arm.”  Although your New Jersey accident law firm can explain that there may be actual circumstances where that may be true, more often than not, you are experiencing difficulties in performing specific tasks rather than a complete inability to do so. Therefore, avoid imprecise or exaggerated language, which will likely result in those inaccuracies being used against you during cross-examination.

On the other hand, it is important also to be upbeat and positive.  Provide examples of how you are attempting to cope with your situation.  Yes, you have limitations, but emphasize that which you are doing to change your lifestyle to compensate for those limitations caused by your injury.

Keep a Record of any Loss of Income or Earning Capacity or other Wage Loss

You need to provide payroll stubs, W-2 forms and tax returns.  Your New Jersey accident law firm can provide authorization forms for you to sign to allow the firm to obtain the information if you do not have current records.

Be certain to keep a daily journal of the days you missed work because of your injury.  Be specific as to date, how you felt and the total loss of income plus benefits you lost.

The Clark Law Firm, a New Jersey accident law firm, can assist you in preparation for deposition, settlement and/or trial to maximize the recovery you deserve.  Call 877-841-8855 today for a free consultation.

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