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The Settlement Philosophy of Large, Conservative Insurance Companies

There is a difference between insurance companies and the manner in which they approach personal injury claims.  Your New Jersey personal injury lawyers will explain that the primary difference is that very large conservative carriers do not mind lawsuits, as opposed to smaller companies that are less likely to be involved in litigation.

The Mind-Set of the Adjuster Employed by a Large, Conservative Company

The reality, as experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyers can explain, is that insurers determine a dollar amount for each case, known as a settlement authority.  The job of the adjuster assigned to your case is to resolve the matter for less than that amount.  Performance incentives and bonuses are given for exemplary performance, which basically means you may get your actual medical costs, but little or nothing for pain and suffering.

What the Adjuster Will Look at

Each case is unique, but New Jersey personal injury lawyers typically see the following factors as relevant in what dollar amount adjusters will offer:

  1. Liability: Can it be questioned?
  2. Coverage: What does insurance cover and can coverage be denied?
  3. Contributory negligence: Can you, as the claimant, be considered in any way at fault?
  4. Prior/pre-existing injuries
  5. Loss of income that is exaggerated
  6. The background of the claimant(e.g. prior claims, criminal past)
  7. The reputation and credibility of the lawyers filing the claim

The Bottom Line

Adjusters are regular people, likely with no preconceived notions about your case.  However, they do have loyalty to the insurance companies with whom they are employed and perhaps more importantly, may have become somewhat less responsive to small to medium claim cases.  After all, they have seen the extraordinary cases involving catastrophic injuries or death and may consider soft tissue injuries or sprains as not that important.

The Clark Law Firm, New Jersey personal injury lawyers, understands how to prepare your case for the maximum recovery you deserve.  Call 877-841-8855 today for a free consultation.


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