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Understanding the Methods of Insurance Adjusters

A New Jersey accident law firm can help you if you are recovering from a collision, accident or injury. Most times plaintiffs are forced to deal with the insurance company of the defendant, and the experience is usually tiresome and frustrating. We can help you handle the insurance adjusters and work toward securing the compensation.

Typical Insurance Adjuster

Generally speaking, there is no “typical” profile of an insurance adjuster, and each will approach the personal injury case in his or her own way. Some adjusters will hint that they have broad discretion to settle cases, but this is usually false. The amount for which an adjuster is permitted to settle is dictated by several factors the size of the company, its location, and corporate philosophy. Some companies are more eager to settle cases while others prefer to take most cases to trial on the merits. Either way, your New Jersey accident law firm will help you navigate the personal injury process.

Approach to Litigation

The larger an insurance carrier may be more likely to take a conservative approach to personal injury litigation. This is especially true in small and medium cases as they are less likely to prevail before a jury. Even if the small cases prevail, the verdict amount may be small and insignificant. In contrast, smaller insurance carriers may be more open to negotiation and willing to settle for a fair sum with the injured plaintiff. Again, this will depend upon the nature of the case, the size of the complainant’s damages and other factors.

What Is a Claims Manager?

In larger, national insurance companies, claims managers are employed to keep a close eye on settlements, claims practices and litigation in local offices. Depending upon the geographic location, an office could have a number of claims managers. These managers supervise and oversee claim supervisors, who oversee the adjuster. Each insurance office is comprised of a definitive hierarchy of personnel and order must be strictly followed.

Your New Jersey accident law firm will help you deal with claims adjusters, supervisors and managers and is not afraid to advocate zealously on your behalf. Call attorney Gerald Clark today: (732) 443-0333.

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