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Watch for Efforts to Devalue Your Claim

New Jersey accident attorneys typically caution clients that claims representatives will try to reduce the value of your claim. Your case is worth a specific, calculable amount of money in damages, and claims adjusters may try to lower that number using a variety of arguments.

It’s your fault

One tactic to watch out for is that the claims representative may blame you for some of the damages in your claim or case. For example, let’s say you were in a car accident and had to be taken to the hospital for immediate evaluation or treatment. Clearly, you would have left the vehicle behind. Unfortunately, vandalism, theft, or property damage can result in a situation like this. The claims adjuster may argue that this later damage is not eligible for coverage.

You had a prior case

If you filed a prior claim and were represented by a New Jersey accident attorney, the claims representative may say that your lawyer got paid too much. Using this tactic, the rep may figure that your counsel was paid half the settlement. The insurer may now offer you only half of what your new claim is really worth. That is a clever strategy to urge you to settle for less money than your claim’s value and possibly to discourage you from gaining the protection of a lawyer.

Delay tactic

Be aware that claims representatives may hold claimants responsible for not seeking medical attention right away. A delay may help the insurer and hurt your case because they can suggest that medical complaints were caused by something other than your accident and are not covered by insurance.

Your premiums will rise

Another approach that representatives suggest is that the settlement amount must be kept low or else insurance premium costs will rise.

Finally, insurers may say that you (the claimant) did not cooperate fully in their investigation, for instance arguing that you didn’t submit the right documents. Insurers and their representatives use many angles to try to reduce their payout. Make sure your case is valued reasonably by getting top representation from experienced New Jersey accident attorneys. Call the Clark Law Firm, PC at 877-841-8855.

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