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What Adjusters Look for in Evaluating Claims

The insurance adjusters will scrutinize your medical records to find irregularities and misrepresentations in order to justify a low amount. It is important for you and your New Jersey accident attorneys to make sure that your account of the accident is credible and consistent with the records the adjuster will receive.

In determining the amount to pay you on your insurance claim for physical injury, the insurance adjuster will consider the following factors.

Evaluating the Medical Records

Adjusters will closely evaluate the medical records they received from the New Jersey accident attorneys that detail a client’s claim for damages. They will search for:

  • Medical opinion(s) verifying the alleged length of disability;

  • Medical opinion(s) substantiating a claim of permanent injury or scarring;

  • Information of previous claims or injuries;

  • Reference of pre-existing conditions or injuries to the same body part;

  • Any remarks on intoxication, alcohol or drug usage; and

  • Reference to the history that departs from the “official” description of the accident that that was given to the adjuster.

Proportionality Between Your Injury and the Medical Bills

In any given claim, the insurance adjusters will focus on exploring a sense of proportionality between the injuries claimed and the extent of medical bills incurred. Adjusters have developed a keen sense on detecting medical bills that are disproportionate with the nature and severity of the injury. As your New Jersey accident attorneys can attest, embellishing or exaggerating anything can damage your case.

If you were recently injured in an accident and are seeking compensation, please call the law offices of Gerald Clark at (877) 841-8855 today. Gerald Clark and his experienced New Jersey accident attorneys are ready to provide quality legal representation to help you gain compensation for your medical costs, loss of work time, pain, suffering, and more.

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