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What Is the Value of Your Case?

For those who have suffered a personal injury, there is one key question that they want to have answered from an Essex County personal injury attorney, and that is, “What is my case worth?” However, answering this question can be quite hard, particularly when a case is still in its preliminary stages. It is impractical to try to predict the value of a case until all information has been gathered and you have recovered (or are at least close to recovering) from your injuries.

Aspects of Your Case that Determine Its Value

A skilled Essex County personal injury attorney should advise you that there are several aspects to a case that help to determine its value, examples of which include: the total amount of all medical bills incurred; how those bills were incurred; how much of your income and benefits were lost because of your injury; the extent of your injuries and how much they have affected your life on a daily basis; and whether or not any part of your injuries are considered to be permanent.

Other aspects that should be taken into account include: whether or not you were hospitalized for any of your injuries; the extent of the potential defendant’s liability; whether or not evidence exists with respect to you being partially at fault for your own injuries; the current law as it relates to your case; and the quality of those people who witnessed the incident and will testify on your behalf.

Additional factors for consideration include your pain and suffering, the overall inconvenience that you have suffered, and your loss of consortium (if you are married at the time).

Documentation Is Important

The above are only a few of the many aspects of a case that your Essex County personal injury attorney must take into consideration when attempting to determine a settlement amount. Some of the aforementioned factors are more important than others, and since most insurance companies want you to give them specific documentation, it is the responsibility of both you and your lawyer to give the company as much relevant information as possible in support of your claim.

If you believe that you would benefit from having the skills of an experienced Essex County personal injury attorney, please call the Clark Law Firm, PC for an initial consultation.

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