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Women Harmed by Power Morcellators | Clark Law Firm, PC

Power morcellators are devices used in gynecological surgeries that are designed to grab and chop tissue into fragments for removal through small incisions.

It is dangerous because it can also chop up (morcellate) and disperse undetected cancer cells and parasitic fibroid tissue throughout a woman’s body. In 2014, the FDA issued a black box warning on all power morcellators and Ethicon, one of the alleged main manufacturers of these dangerous products, voluntarily and fully exited the power morcellator market.

  • An estimated 650,000 hysterectomies are performed in the U.S. every year.

  • Power morcellators have been used in these surgeries with increasing frequency.

  • As many as 1 in 352 women undergoing surgery for symptomatic fibroids have undetected cancer.

  • The use of power morcellators can spread cancer and cause other serious injury as well.

  • The potential that thousands of women have been harmed is very real.

If you have been hurt by a gynelogical surgery using a power morcellator, contact our offices at Clark Law Firm, PC for more information on how we can help.

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