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Belmar New Jersey Workplace Injury Lawyers Take a Deep Dive into the Litigation Process

Belmar New Jersey Workplace Injury Lawyers Gerald H. Clark and Mark W. Morris at Clark Law Firm P.C. Take a Deep Dive into the Litigation Process

Episode 9 of Jersey Justice Podcast™ Show Notes: Navigating Justice: A Deep Dive into the Litigation Process with New Jersey Workplace Injury Lawyers


Belmar New Jersey Workplace Injury Lawyers Take a Deep Dive into the Litigation Process

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New Jersey Workplace Injury Lawyers Discuss Construction Accidents and the Litigation Process

In this episode, Clark Law Firm injury lawyers Gerald H. Clark and Mark W. Morris take you behind the scenes of what it is like to litigate a construction injury or workplace injury case in New Jersey.

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Jersey Justice Podcast™ Hosts Discuss the Litigation Process in Construction Accident Injury Cases


In episode 9, Jerry and Mark continue their conversation about construction accidents and delve into the litigation process. They discuss what clients can expect when their case is accepted by Clark Law Firm and provide insights into the various stages of litigation.


Jerry and Mark cover everything that happens from accepting a case to the reality that some cases can take years to settle. From the initial investigation to filing a complaint, serving parties, and engaging in discovery, they give a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of the lengthy and complex litigation process.


Over the Past Few Years, The Pandemic Has Added Delays to the Trial Process in New Jersey


Jerry shared that they are not scared to take a case to trial and sometimes, it is the only way to truly get justice. Some cases can take a couple of years to settle, however, Jerry also shared that they are willing to fight that fight in order to get justice for their clients.


Questions About the Litigation Process or Filing a Complaint for Your Injuries?


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Episode 9 Litigation Process with New Jersey Workplace Injury Lawyers – Timestamped Chapter Summary


  • [0:00:01]: Introduction to Jersey Justice Podcast™ and legal disclaimer.
  • [0:00:26]: Information shared on the podcast is for general information purposes only and not legal advice.
  • [0:00:41]: Continuing the conversation about construction accidents and the litigation process.
  • [0:01:09]: What clients can expect when Clark Law Firm accepts their case.
  • [0:01:51]: Sending claim letters to contractors and corresponding with insurance companies.
  • [0:02:24]: Filing a complaint with the court to initiate the case.
  • [0:02:49]: New Jersey’s rule against including dollar amounts in complaints.
  • [0:03:18]: Serving the complaint on parties and beginning the litigation phase.
  • [0:03:50]: Overview of the litigation phase and its duration.
  • [0:03:50]: Discovery phase, including written questions and demand for documents.
  • [0:03:50]: Depositions of contractors and the plaintiff
  • [0:03:50]: Plaintiff’s medical examination
  • [0:03:50]: The slow wheels of justice and the impact of COVID-19
  • [0:04:31]: Insurance companies and corporations fighting cases hard, wearing people down.
  • [0:06:11]: Importance of experienced lawyers in fighting hard cases and managing expectations.
  • [0:06:55]: No guarantee of recovery in third-party contingency plaintiff’s cases.
  • [0:07:25]: Managing cases and positioning for the best possible recovery.
  • [0:07:48]: Factors influencing case worth and outcome, including coverage and liability issues.
  • [0:09:07]: Filing a complaint and getting defendants to answer can be a lengthy process.
  • [0:09:41]: Steps taken through the court system to ensure defendants answer the complaint.
  • [0:10:19]: Delays in defendants filing an answer to a complaint.
  • [0:10:30]: Lengthy process of litigation in New Jersey
  • [0:10:41]: Worth of filing a case and going through litigation for clients.
  • [0:11:13]: Compensation for life-changing injuries
  • [0:11:55]: Importance of compensation in these cases, not just for monetary gain
  • [0:12:15]: Compensation as a way to pay for damages caused by the injury.
  • [0:13:24]: Importance of pursuing a case, even if the monetary value may not seem significant.
  • [0:14:28]: Lawyers handle the legal work, allowing clients to focus on healing and recovery.
  • [0:14:55]: The importance of telling the truth throughout the case and during depositions.
  • [0:15:24]: Time limitations for filing a lawsuit in New Jersey.
  • [0:16:20]: Defendants in these cases often have insurance, making it worthwhile to pursue a case.
  • [0:17:21]: The importance and value of pursuing a case, despite the challenges.
  • [0:17:24]: A case with a happy ending – a client’s injury initially seemed minor, but later required surgery.
  • [0:18:08]: Importance of taking action within the two-year time limit to avoid being barred from compensation.
  • [0:19:21]: Pressure from employers and others to not bring a lawsuit.
  • [0:20:10]: Influence of employers on injured workers, misleading them about their rights and compensation.
  • [0:21:00]: Instances of injured workers being forced to continue working despite catastrophic injuries.
  • [0:21:56]: The impact of employers not providing workers’ compensation insurance and abandoning injured workers.
  • [0:22:23]: Importance of seeking legal advice promptly to prevent employers from covering their tracks.
  • [0:23:17]: The significance of not waiting too long to consult with an attorney and explore legal options.