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Belmar NJ Fall-Down Accident Lawyer Shares How Fall Accidents Can Be Prevented

Fall-down accidents can happen anywhere in New Jersey; however, they are common at restaurant and nightclub establishments. Another place that is common for fall-down accidents is the workplace. The workplace may include a construction work zone, office, factory, chemical plant, or any establishment that someone works in. Below a Belmar NJ fall-down accident lawyer shares how these accidents can be prevented.


Wear Comfortable Shoes and Skip the Heels if Walking Outdoors


If you’re going to be walking a lot, wear comfortable shoes. This one is for the ladies; those stiletto heels that they’re great for making you look taller, however, the sidewalk doesn’t always comply.


If you are walking in heels it’s important to be cautious of cracks in the road. If there’s a crack in the road or a hole you want to stay diligent and aware of your surroundings, so you do not trip and fall down.


Be on the Lookout for Spilled Drinks at Bars, Clubs, and Restaurants in New Jersey


When you’re inside any New Jersey establishment such as a restaurant or nightclub it is important to be alert.  It is easy to be focused on having fun with your friends, but you must also access potential hazards.  This means that if you’re walking around; it’s important to look at the floor to make sure there are no spilled drinks, food, or foreign objects that may cause you or someone else to fall. If you do notice a hazard report it to the manager so that they can clean it up as soon as possible.


New Jersey bars, nightclubs, and restaurants have a duty to keep walkways clear of clutter and wipe up any potential hazards that may cause a patron to slip and fall or trip and fall.


Be Cautious of Optical Illusion Stairs When Exiting an Establishment in NJ


Clark Law Firm P.C. handled a case where a NJ restaurant patron was leaving a restaurant and had to walk downstairs to exit; unfortunately, the stairs created an optical illusion and caused the woman to fall down and injure herself. The fall was captured by the camera footage and the footage was used as part of the evidence for the case. If you want to read more about this case you can click here.


Even when you’re walking on your apartment complex property it is important to be aware of your surroundings. If you notice that certain areas are not lit properly or may pose a hazard for other residents; it’s important to go to your property manager and report it.  Also, the best thing to do is to report it in writing and not just verbally because this way you have a paper trail in case something does happen; it is on record that you actually told them to rectify the situation.  This way, if the property management company was made aware of a potential hazard and did nothing to remedy it; they can be held liable if a resident or guest gets injured on the property.

Belmar NJ Fall Down Accident Lawyer and Law Firm

Avoid Rushing and Give Yourself Enough Time to Get to Your Destination in NJ


Give yourself extra time to get from one destination to the next this means that you’re not rushing while you’re driving. This also means you’re not rushing while you’re walking from the garage to your office. When people are in a rush to get from one destination to the next; accidents can happen, because they’re not paying attention to where they’re walking.


Do Not Get Distracted by Your Dog


Be alert when you’re out walking your dog! It may be common that your dog may be pulling you towards another dog and you may be distracted but it’s important to stay focused and keep an eye on the sidewalk or road.


Pay Attention to Construction Zone and Wet Floor Signs


Be extra cautious in construction zones or areas where there are wet floors. If you are walking through an area on a busy street that has cones set up for construction, take extra caution and watch where you are stepping. Also, if it is dark outside or inside, use your smartphone or iPhone to ensure that you can see where you are walking.


Did You or a Loved One Have a Fall Down Accident in Essex or Monmouth County?


If you or a loved one was injured because of a fall, contact Clark Law Firm P.C. today at 1-877-841-8855 to determine if you have a case.  Our Belmar NJ fall-down accident lawyer has years of experience getting justice for fall-down injuries in New Jersey.