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Category Archives: Belmar Injury Lawyers

A Belmar Car Crash Lawyer Shares Winter Driving Safety Tips

By Clark Law Firm |

Driving around in New Jersey and the New Jersey Turnpike during winter can be dangerous when the weather is bad. Weather conditions such as snow, black ice, fog, sleet, and rain can cause car accidents and crashes. A Belmar car crash lawyer shares some ways you can stay safe this winter. Check Weather Conditions… Read More »

Belmar Slip and Fall Lawyer Shares Info on Liability in Ice Fall Down Injuries

By Clark Law Firm |

Did you know that commercial establishments in New Jersey such as restaurants, bars, and nightclubs have a responsibility to keep the inside and outside of their establishments reasonably safe? A Belmar slip and fall lawyer shares what you need to know about liability in ice fall-down injuries in New Jersey. Watch Out for Black… Read More »