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Category Archives: New Jersey Scaffolding Fall Injury Lawyer

New Brunswick Scaffolding Fall Lawyer Discusses Scaffolding Fall Accidents in NJ

By Clark Law Firm |

Clark Law Firm P.C. has handled numerous scaffolding fall cases and has first-hand knowledge of what causes these types of accidents and how they can be prevented.  Scaffolding is a staple in most construction sites and while it is necessary to perform construction work; scaffolding can be dangerous for workers who perform the work…. Read More »

Newark Scaffolding Fall Injury Lawyer Shares Scaffolding Accident Causes and Prevention

By Clark Law Firm |

A Newark scaffolding fall injury lawyer shares what factors may contribute to scaffolding fall accidents and what can be done to prevent these types of accidents in New Jersey. Any major construction project probably involves the use of scaffolding in NJ.  Scaffolding is used to support workers by providing them with access to higher-up… Read More »