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Tag Archives: East Orange NJ Auto Accident Lawyer

East Orange NJ Car Accident Lawyers Share How Road Hazards May Cause Car Accidents

By Clark Law Firm |

Even though many accidents in New Jersey are because of human error or perhaps someone was driving under the influence; there are also a lot of car accidents caused by road hazards. East Orange NJ car accident lawyers share some common road hazards that can cause automobile and truck accidents in New Jersey below…. Read More »

East Orange NJ Car Accident Lawyer Explains How to Protect Yourself from Road Rage

By Clark Law Firm |

I’m sure you’ve heard stories on the news about how road rage can turn into devastating car accidents for those involved. According to Safe Motorist, 12,610 injuries were attributed to road rage during a 7-year time span. Hopefully, you never have to come across an instance of road rage on the New Jersey Turnpike;… Read More »