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Category Archives: Black Ice Slip and Fall Injury

Belmar Slip and Fall Lawyer Shares Info on Liability in Ice Fall Down Injuries

By Clark Law Firm |

Did you know that commercial establishments in New Jersey such as restaurants, bars, and nightclubs have a responsibility to keep the inside and outside of their establishments reasonably safe? A Belmar slip and fall lawyer shares what you need to know about liability in ice fall-down injuries in New Jersey. Watch Out for Black… Read More »

Ocean Township Slip and Fall Lawyer Shares What to Do if You Slip and Fall on Ice

By Clark Law Firm |

Winters in New Jersey can come with blizzards, and winter storms, and create dangerous and icy roads and conditions. Black ice on a staircase outside an office building can cause an unsuspecting person to slip and fall on ice.  Slip and fall accidents can cause injuries such as a broken ankle, leg, or wrist. … Read More »

Belmar NJ Slip and Fall Lawyer Shares Safety Tips to Prevent Slipping on Black Ice

By Clark Law Firm |

New Jersey winters can be brutal.  Snowstorms, occasional blizzards, rain, sleet, and ice can create dangerous conditions.  While you are running errands and commuting to work in the Garden State, it is important to be cautious of your surroundings.  In New Jersey, business owners and commercial establishments have a responsibility to keep their spaces… Read More »