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Category Archives: Construction Accident Fall

New Brunswick Scaffolding Fall Lawyer Discusses Scaffolding Fall Accidents in NJ

By Clark Law Firm |

Clark Law Firm P.C. has handled numerous scaffolding fall cases and has first-hand knowledge of what causes these types of accidents and how they can be prevented.  Scaffolding is a staple in most construction sites and while it is necessary to perform construction work; scaffolding can be dangerous for workers who perform the work…. Read More »

Ocean Township Construction Accident Lawyer Discusses How Negligence Leads to Injured Construction Workers

By Clark Law Firm |

Everyone knows that a construction worker’s job is susceptible to dangerous working conditions. Even though a construction site has many inherent dangers, many times it is negligence that leads to construction site accidents and injured workers. If you feel that negligence on the part of the developer, general contractor, or subcontractor contributed to your… Read More »

How an East Orange, New Jersey Construction Injury Lawyer Can Assist You with Your Case

By Clark Law Firm |

If you have been injured in East Orange, New Jersey or any city in Essex or Monmouth County, an East Orange, New Jersey construction injury lawyer can help you with your case.  There are many different ways an injury lawyer at Clark Law Firm P.C. can support you with your injury case or claim…. Read More »

Newark Construction Injury Lawyers Share Types of Construction Accident Falls in NJ

By Clark Law Firm |

The construction industry is a dangerous trade by nature and New Jersey workers in this industry may be injured on the job due to a fall.  There are many different scenarios and situations of construction accident falls in New Jersey.  Each type of construction injury fall comes with its own set of potential injuries…. Read More »