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Newark Construction Injury Lawyers Share Types of Construction Accident Falls in NJ

The construction industry is a dangerous trade by nature and New Jersey workers in this industry may be injured on the job due to a fall.  There are many different scenarios and situations of construction accident falls in New Jersey.  Each type of construction injury fall comes with its own set of potential injuries. The construction injury lawyers at Clark Law Firm P.C. are experienced in handling workplace injury fall cases.  If a loved one was injured in a construction site accident, call our Newark construction injury lawyers to discuss your case at 1-877-841-8855.


Types of Construction Accident Injuries from Falls at a Construction Site


Falling from Heights:  falling from heights at a construction site may include falling from a ladder, scaffolding, rooftop, or any other elevated platform.  New Jersey construction workers who suffer injuries from this type of fall may require extensive treatment.  In addition, recovery time may range from months to even years, depending on how serious their injuries were.


Injuries sustained from falling from heights may include broken bones, surgery to get metal plates for broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and even traumatic brain injuries.


Slip, Trip or Fall from a Flat Surface: this type of fall may be caused by a slippery, wet, or oily floor.  It may also include falling due to uneven floors and pavement or tripping over equipment or other objects.


Recovery time for slip, trip, and fall injuries at a construction site will vary depending on the severity of the worker’s injury.  If the injury was minor, the worker may be able to get the appropriate treatment and return to work after a few weeks.


Falling from Construction Equipment or a Vehicle:  Forklifts and cranes are common in construction sites and a worker may become injured if they were to fall from a moving vehicle or equipment.  Even a fall from parked equipment can cause injuries.


If a worker has this type of fall, they may face serious injuries that could take months or even years to heal.  The construction worker may have to be treated for broken bones, spinal cord injuries, or possibly even traumatic brain injuries.


Falling into a Hole or Excavation at a Construction Job Site: a worker may call into a hole, trench, or excavation.  Injuries from these types of falls may consist of internal organ damage, broken bones, and spinal cord injuries.


The recovery period may take anywhere from a couple of months to years depending on the type of injury.


Were You or Someone You Are Close to Involved in a Construction Accident Fall at Work?


The experienced Newark construction lawyers at Clark Law Firm P.C. are here to fight for your rights and recovery in New Jersey.   They represent injured construction workers in Essex, Monmouth, and Bergen counties.  Call Clark Law Firm P.C. today at 1-877-841-8855 or chat with us online.  You can also visit the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) website for additional resources and information.