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Category Archives: Fall Down Stairs Accident

Newark, NJ Premises Liability Lawyer Discusses Getting Injured on a Property

By Clark Law Firm |

New Jersey personal injury lawyers handle a multitude of cases from construction accidents to car accidents to slip and falls and more. One type of case that comes up in personal injury pertains to premises liability. Premises liability means that a person or tenant may have been injured on someone else’s property. New Jersey… Read More »

Neptune Township Premises Liability Lawyer Discusses Liability in Apartment Complexes

By Clark Law Firm |

Millions of Garden State residents live in apartment complexes across New Jersey. New Jersey residents are not only injured in automobile accidents or construction sites, but they can also be injured and their apartment complex. When it comes to premises liability and apartment complexes it is important to understand New Jersey law and who… Read More »

Neptune Township Fall Down Accident Lawyer Discusses Fall Down Stairs Accidents

By Clark Law Firm |

Every day New Jersey residents walk up and down stairs; whether they are going to work, walking to their car in a garage, or exiting a restaurant or nightclub. At Clark Law Firm, we have handled many cases where unsuspecting NJ residents have injured themselves while falling down stairs. If you or a loved… Read More »