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East Orange NJ Fall-Down Accident Lawyer Shares Fall Down Hazards at Work

Fall-down accidents can happen at work and at social functions and gatherings in New Jersey. An East Orange NJ fall-down accident lawyer shares some fall-down hazards at work to be aware of. Some accidents are not preventable; however, having more awareness of your surroundings may help prevent some fall-down accidents in Essex County.


Construction Industry Fall Down Accident in New Jersey


The construction industry is a dangerous one to work in New Jersey and construction workers are prone to fall down accidents at construction sites. Construction workers also face a danger of scaffolding collapsing and falling down from heights.


Fall Down Accidents at New Jersey Restaurants and Bars


Everyone who works at a restaurant knows that restaurants and bars are high-traffic areas with many hazards. Some common hazards include spilled beverages and food. Furthermore, cluttered, or tight spaces can cause an obstruction of pathways, making it a dangerous environment for workers and patrons.


Other dangers may include having to walk down or up stairs that are not well-lit. Another hazard can be a revolving door that opens in both directions but doesn’t have a window so the person on the other side doesn’t see the door opening.  A restaurant door slamming another worker can be prevented by ensuring that there is a window on the door so the person on the opposite side of the door can safeguard themselves.


OSHA regulates the health and safety of restaurant workers in New Jersey and throughout the United States.



Guy Wires and Extension Cords Are Another Hazard for Fall Down Accidents in the Workplace


If a cord or wire is not secured safely it may cause an unsuspecting worker to trip and have a fall-down accident.


In one case we handled, a 72-year-old woman was injured while attending an engagement dinner at a restaurant the restaurant was poorly lit and had a 15-foot unlit Christmas tree and a paver on the sidewalk had been removed. And a guy wire was attached that caused the woman’s foot to get stuck in the hole resulting in a fall-down accident injury.


Clark Law Firm P.C. settled this case for $450,000. Please note that each case has a unique set of circumstances and past results do not predict future outcomes.



Wet or Slippery Floors Can Cause Fall Down Accidents in East Orange NJ


Another fall-down hazard at work can be slippery floors caused by people dragging in snow, ice, and sleet from a winter storm in New Jersey.

East Orange NJ Fall-Down Accident Lawyer

Falling Down Stairs at Work Can Cause Serious Injuries


Another common type of fall down accident is falling down stairs at work. The reason for the fall can be based on many different factors. Perhaps the stairs were slippery, or it could be possible that the stairs were not well-lit. The railing may have been loose or not secure. In a recent case, Clark Law Firm P.C. handled, a staircase by the exit of a restaurant created an optical illusion. For the full story, read about how an optical illusion with the stairs caused an unsuspecting restaurant patron to fall down and injure herself in a recent case that we handled.


Were You Injured in a Fall Down Accident While Working in New Jersey?


If you or a loved one was injured in Essex or Monmouth County in a fall-down accident, call Clark Law Firm P.C. at 1-877-841-8855 to speak to an East Orange, NJ fall-down accident lawyer.

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