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Falldown Injury at Tommy’s Tavern & Tap in Sea Bright NJ Settles for $450,000


This was a falldown injury case involving an improperly supported/installed Christmas tree that was in front of Tommy’s Tavern and Tap in Sea Bright, New Jersey.


A Poorly Lit Restaurant, An Unlit Christmas Tree, and a Removed Paver


On November 21, 2018, a 72-year-old woman was attempting to locate the front door of Tommy’s Tavern to attend an engagement dinner. The front of the restaurant was poorly lit and had a 15-foot unlit Christmas tree that was placed near the entrance. The woman was not made aware by the restaurant that the decoration installation vendor had removed a paver on the sidewalk by the unlit tree and placed a stake in the area of the missing paper. A guy wire was attached to the stake and connected to the tree.


The woman’s foot became caught in the hole of the missing paver and as a result, she tripped over the guy wire and fell straight down on her left knee.

Falldown Injury at Tommy’s Tavern & Tap in Sea Bright NJ Settles for $450,000

This is the spot where the women’s foot was caught in the hole where the paver was removed.

The Missing Paver and Wire Were in Violation of Several NJ Safety Codes


The plaintiff’s expert opined that the missing paver and wire were in violation of numerous New Jersey safety standards and codes. The defendants alleged she was not watching where she was going and tried to place the blame on her.


As a result of this falldown, the woman sustained a displaced fracture on her left distal lateral femur. She underwent an open reduction internal fixation surgery, and a second surgery was required to remove the hardware. In addition, she also had to undergo physical therapy.


This Client Was Represented by Stephanie Tolnai, Esq. of Clark Law Firm P.C.


The case was filed in Monmouth County Superior Court on January 10, 2020, by Stephanie Tolnai, Esq. of Clark Law Firm in Belmar, New Jersey: Adele Keller vs. Tommy’s Tavern et. al., MON-L-1811-20. Defendant Tommy’s Tavern and Tap were represented by Noah Shapiro of Zarwin Baum. Defendant Full Circle Lawn Care LLC was represented by Edward Ryan of O’Toole Scirvo.


A $450,000 Settlement Was Obtained via Mediation for This Falldown Case


This case was settled by Stephanie Tolnai via Mediation with retired Judge Jamie Happas for $450,000. The settlement was split equally between both defendants. This case was handled by Clark Law Firm P.C. located in Belmar, New Jersey. Clark Law Firm was happy to see that they were able to obtain justice for their falldown injury client.


If you have been injured in a falldown accident, contact Clark Law Firm P.C. today to speak to a falldown injury lawyer at 1-877-841-8855.

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