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East Orange, NJ Fall-Down Injury Lawyers Share 3 Types of Fall-Down Accidents

New Jersey has its share of fall-down injuries and as East Orange, NJ fall-down injury lawyers we have handled some interesting fall-down injury cases.  We represented a client in Middlesex County who had a fall-down accident at a restaurant in Belmar, NJ.


As the restaurant patron was about to walk down the stairs to exit the restaurant, the poorly marked steps created a yellow contrast line optical illusion that was painted on every step except the top landing.


This resulted leading our client falling down the steps and severely injuring herself.  Although this case took a couple of years to settle we were able to obtain an $800,000 settlement for our client. While there are no guarantees of settlements for fall-down injuries; this case is a good example that shows how fall-down injuries may occur at local establishments in Essex County.


One case is not representative of all fall-down cases. Each case has its unique set of circumstances that may or may not lead to a settlement, so it is important to keep that in mind.

 East Orange, NJ Fall Down Injury Lawyers

Three Types of Fall Down Injuries That May Occur in Essex County


One type of fall-down accident that can happen is called the step and fall. A step-and-fall accident can occur if a person falls because of an unexpected drop in the walking area or a surface. This may include uneven pavement where there is a hole. There could also be a drop-off in the pathway that caused a person to fall.


The second type of fault on accident we are going to discuss is a trip and fall. Trip and fall accidents usually occur when a person trips or stumbles over an object or obstacle that is in their pathway. In a fall-down case we handled at Clark Law Firm P.C., we were able to obtain a $450,000 settlement for our client because the missing paver and wire were in violation of several New Jersey safety codes. Again, it is important to note that past results are not guarantees of outcomes in future cases.


The third type of fall-down injury we are going to discuss is slip and fall. Most slip-and-fall accidents that occur are due to wet or greasy floors, oily surfaces, and foreign objects on the floor.


The Type of Injuries Sustained May Vary on Various Factors and The Circumstances of the Fall


Regardless of what type of fall someone may have experienced in New Jersey, their injuries may range from minor to quite serious. If a senior citizen has a fall-down accident their recovery time may be lengthier and their injuries may be more severe. Some seniors who have a fall-down accident may even break their hip and require hip surgery which can take months to recover from.


Even younger people can end up with serious injuries such as broken bones which may require screws, surgery, and physical therapy.  The healing process will also vary from one injured person to the next.


What Actions Should You Take if You Have a Fall Down Injury in East Orange, NJ


Your priority should be to seek medical attention and make sure that you are getting your injuries checked out by a medical professional. You may think you are ok after a fall-down accident, but only a doctor can really make that determination.


You should always file an incident report to document the accident even if you think your injuries are non-existent or minor because they could later resurface to be serious injuries down the road.


Gather Evidence and Get Witnesses’ Contact Information


Make sure to capture any photographs that were taken at the scene of the incident or any video footage that you may later need to share with your attorney and/or the insurance company.


If there were any witnesses that saw you fall or came to your help after your fall, make sure that you get their names and phone number.  This will be helpful to you in case you need them to provide a written statement of the incident.  This will be extremely useful if there were no working cameras at the location of your fall.


Consult an East Orange, New Jersey Fall Down Injury Lawyer to Discuss Your Case


Contact Clark Law Firm P.C., to speak to one of our East Orange, NJ fall-down injury lawyers to discuss your case. Make sure that you can gather as much information as possible about your fall so we can evaluate your case.  Call us today at 1-877-841-8855 or chat with us online.