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Tag Archives: Newark NJ Scaffolding Accident Lawyer

Newark NJ Construction Accident Law Firm Shares 6 Types of Work Accidents

By Clark Law Firm |

Every day New Jersey construction workers risk their lives so that we can live in apartment complexes, skyscrapers, and work out of corporate offices. Even though the construction industry is regulated by OSHA and there are strict rules and regulations to follow; construction accidents still happen. Furthermore, not all contractors follow the rules and… Read More »

Scaffolding Accident Injury Lawyer in Newark, NJ Shares Causes and Impacts of Scaffolding Accidents

By Clark Law Firm |

Let’s take a deep dive into scaffolding accident causes, prevention, and safety in New Jersey. Worker’s safety should always be a priority at any construction project, but unfortunately, there are times when safety is compromised. If you need legal assistance, call Clark Law Firm P.C. at 1-877-841-8855 to speak to a scaffolding accident injury… Read More »