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Category Archives: New Brunswick Construction Injuries Lawyer

New Brunswick NJ Construction Accident Law Firm Shares Why Accidents Happen

By Clark Law Firm |

There are many different factors that go into why construction site accidents happen in New Jersey.  One of the most common themes we come across in handling numerous construction injury cases is that contractors often cut corners to bid lower on jobs; and thus, the safety of labor workers is compromised.  In other instances,… Read More »

New Brunswick Construction Accident Lawyer Shares How to Handle Construction Injury Cases in NJ

By Clark Law Firm |

Workplace injuries are always serious matters, but they are particularly so when the injury occurs on a construction site. Working with vehicles, heavy machinery, scaffolding, toxic chemicals, and other hazards makes construction sites the scenes of appalling accidents on a too-frequent basis. Most of the injury cases in NJ could be helped if the… Read More »

New Brunswick Construction Injuries Lawyer Shares What to Do If You Were Injured on the Job

By Clark Law Firm |

As an NJ injury attorney, I have seen firsthand the physical and emotional toll construction accidents can have on workers and their families in New Jersey.  As a New Brunswick construction injuries lawyer, I realize the importance of sharing what steps you need to take to protect yourself and your family.   The Construction… Read More »