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Category Archives: Falldown Injury Cases

Neptune Township Premises Liability Lawyer Discusses Liability in Apartment Complexes

By Clark Law Firm |

Millions of Garden State residents live in apartment complexes across New Jersey. New Jersey residents are not only injured in automobile accidents or construction sites, but they can also be injured and their apartment complex. When it comes to premises liability and apartment complexes it is important to understand New Jersey law and who… Read More »

Middletown Township Trip and Fall Lawyer Discusses Injuries Sustained in Falls

By Clark Law Firm |

Trip and fall accidents are not to be taken lightly.  These types of accidents can lead to many different types of injuries. A Middletown Township trip and fall lawyer shares some common types of injuries that are a result of trip and fall accidents.   Trip and Fall Accidents in Monmouth County Can Cause… Read More »

Middletown Township Fall Down Accident Lawyer Shares 10 Hazards That Cause Falls

By Clark Law Firm |

As New Jersey residents are busy running errands driving to work taking their kids to school there are many hidden hazards to watch out for that may cause a fall-down accident. By having more awareness of these hazards, it can help prevent accidents from happening a Middletown Township fall-down accident lawyer discusses 10 hazards… Read More »

New Brunswick Fall-Down Injury Lawyer Discusses Fall Down Injuries at NJ Restaurants

By Clark Law Firm |

Restaurants in Middlesex County are high-traffic areas for all the people that come in and out on an hourly basis. High-traffic areas at restaurants can be a hazard for spilled drinks and foreign objects that may contribute to fall-down injuries.  If you were injured in a fall-down injury at a restaurant in Middlesex County,… Read More »

East Orange, NJ Fall-Down Injury Lawyers Share 3 Types of Fall-Down Accidents

By Clark Law Firm |

New Jersey has its share of fall-down injuries and as East Orange, NJ fall-down injury lawyers we have handled some interesting fall-down injury cases.  We represented a client in Middlesex County who had a fall-down accident at a restaurant in Belmar, NJ.   As the restaurant patron was about to walk down the stairs… Read More »

Newark Falldown Injury Lawyer Shares How Negligence is Determined in NJ

By Clark Law Firm |

If you are injured in a slip-and-fall accident in New Jersey, can you automatically blame the owner of the premises on which the accident occurred?  This is not necessarily the case, which is why it is so critical to immediately contact a Newark falldown injury lawyer after you have been hurt. New Jersey law… Read More »

Newark Falldown Injury Lawyer: The Difference Between Slip and Fall and Falldown Accidents

By Clark Law Firm |

People often confuse slip and fall and falldown injuries.  All injuries are not considered slip and fall.  Slip and fall injuries are caused by a person slipping on the floor or pavement they are walking on, usually due to wet floors, uneven flooring, or a slippery surface. Falldown injuries are not usually caused by… Read More »