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Dealing with Adjusters

An experienced New Jersey personal injury law firm should be familiar with not only the insurance carrier but also the carrier’s defense firm. Oftentimes, the defense firm will reflect the personality of the carrier they represent during the negotiation process and litigation. That is, defense firms hired by conservative carriers tend to be aggressively scrupulous while defense firms hired by more reasonable carriers are more lenient and amiable.

A successful New Jersey personal injury law firm should know when they are dealing with an adjuster working for a more reasonable carrier. By being attuned to such details, they will have a better idea of whether or not the adjuster’s assessment is a reasonable one. If the firm has determined that the adjuster is reasonable, then they should be able to develop a positive rapport with them, which can make for more flexibility during negotiation. Developing trust between the parties ends up saving both the attorney and his client a lot of time and stress.

Any New Jersey personal injury law firm that you hire should also remember that the adjuster doesn’t always have authority to effectuate a settlement. Most times, there’s someone above them that has settlement authority. If an attorney is becomes combative or contentious with the adjuster because they don’t get the settlement that they believe their client deserves, it ends up hurting both the attorney and the client in the end.

Personal injury attorneys should always keep in mind that adjusters can be polite, knowledgeable, and experienced in the negotiation process. Like almost everyone else, they will probably be more receptive to courtesy and patience than to threats or rude behavior.

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