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Determining the Value of Your Settlement

Through the diligent work of your NJ personal injury lawyers, you may be able to reach a satisfactory settlement amount in your personal injury case. This is not always the outcome in every personal injury case, however, and some personal injury claims will require full litigation in the courtroom.

Who Determines the Value of a Case?

Arrival at a final settlement figure is a complex process that begins early in your meetings with your NJ personal injury lawyers. After your attorneys have reviewed and investigated your case, they will discuss your potential for recovery with you. You are then free to offer your understanding of what your case is worth and the settlement range within which you are comfortable. As the client, you control the outcome of your case and if a settlement offer is not to your liking, your lawyers will swiftly decline the offer.

Once your general settlement range is determined, your NJ personal injury lawyers will present an offer to the insurance company of the defendant responsible for your injury. The insurer is free to accept the offer, issue a counteroffer or refuse to negotiate a settlement altogether. The ultimate decision over whether to settle or proceed to trial is yours to make, but you should always consider your lawyer’s opinion as he or she has dealt with a number of similar cases in the past.

Will I Receive a Settlement at the Top of My Range?

In nearly every settlement negotiation, the agreed-upon amount is less than the amount first demanded by your NJ personal injury lawyers. For this reason, plaintiff’s attorneys usually start with a settlement amount much higher than the plaintiff should expect to receive – and defendants know this. The initial offers by both sides are calculated to give both plaintiff and defendant fair room to negotiate.

On the other hand, your attorney will want to offer an initial demand amount that does not exceed the bounds of proper negotiation and could not be categorized as ridiculous. Demanding a settlement amount far in excess of the claim’s true value may result in defendant’s insurer refusing to respond.

Interested in a Settlement?

If you have a personal injury claim and would like to get started on the civil lawsuit process, our NJ personal injury lawyers can help you with every aspect of your claim. Call the office of attorney Gerald Clark today at (877)-841-8855.

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