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I believe that I have been injured by Digiteck. Can a New Jersey personal injury lawyer help me?

Digitek is a prescription drug used to treat the symptoms of heart failure and heart rhythm abnormalities. As your New Jersey personal injury lawyer will explain more thoroughly, this drug has been heavily targeted as a dangerous, potentially deadly drug that often does more harm than good.

If you have experienced unexpected, lingering setbacks to your heart after the use of Digiteck, a New Jersey personal injury attorney is the best resource to help determine if you should file your claim and help you join a burgeoning class action, if applicable. For more information about how to properly commence a lawsuit against the makers of Digitek, Activis Totowa, LLC, or its distributor Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc., contact a New Jersey personal injury attorney right away.

What does a lawsuit against a drug maker entail?

As your New Jersey personal injury lawyer can best explain, drug makers and manufacturers are under a strict legal duty to warn physicians and patients of any risks associated with their products. This concept is known as informed consent, which may be a familiar term to you. Without proper informed consent, patients are not given the opportunity to make a fully-educated decision about whether to accept a certain drug or medical treatment, which, as your New Jersey personal injury attorney will explain, exposes the drug company to liability. If a drug company has knowledge that a drug could possibly cause a certain side effect, no matter how seemingly insignificant, the drug maker must warn doctors and patients.

What are some of the side effects associated with Digitek?

In reviewing cases involving Digiteck, our New Jersey personal injury lawyers have uncovered a number of destructive side effects that were allegedly never revealed to consumers. For instance, Digitek is allegedly linked to an increased risk of artery blockage or blood clots, which could prove fatal for a patient already enduring treatment for heart problems. It is also not uncommon for a New Jersey personal injury lawyer to handle cases involving negative interactions with other prescription medications that were not mentioned in any warning labels accompanying the drug.

When you meet with your New Jersey personal injury lawyer, you will likely also discuss the massive recalls of Digitek which took place in 2008 and 2009. Apparently, due to inadequate oversight and lack of quality control, Digitek pills were allegedly loaded with nearly twice the recommended dosage per pill.

Contact a New Jersey personal injury lawyer today

If you are enduring lasting side effects you believe are a result of your use of Digitek, a New Jersey personal injury lawyer may be able to help you recover from the parties potentially responsible for your injuries. To make an appointment, contact Gerald H. Clark today by calling 877-841-8855.


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