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Family Dollar – Obsolete Oil

Dollar stores across New Jersey are alleged to be marketing and selling deceptively labeled and virtually useless motor oils to their customers.  These sellers are alleged to include Family Dollar, one of the largest Dollar Store retailers in the United States.  This company is alleged to sell a brand of motor oil, American XT, which is wholly useless and in fact harmful to most all modern day engines.

Family Dollar’s American XT motor oil is alleged to cause engine failure, excess wear and tear and/or decreased fuel efficiency.  Family Dollar’s American XT motor oils are also believed to be virtually useless in most present day engines.

Family Dollar is alleged to market this product as comparable to suitable engine oils such as Quaker State and Penzoil.  However, the fine print to Family Dollar’s American XT shows it is clearly not suitable for use in today’s engines:


When examined closely, Family Dollar’s motor oil is not suitable for engines manufactured after 1930.  If you or a loved one has fallen prey to Family Dollar’s allegedly deceptive marketing and selling of this product, contact the Clark Law Firm, PC today.  You or a loved one may be entitled to a significant cash award.  Speak with the class action attorneys at the Clark Law Firm P.C., today.

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