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Get to Know New Jersey Injury Attorneys Gerald H. Clark and Mark W. Morris

Jersey Justice Podcast Episode 1 Show Notes: Meet Your Hosts: New Jersey Injury Attorneys Gerald H. Clark and Mark W. Morris

Jersey Justice Podcast Episode 1: A Civil Law Podcast Hosted by Gerald H. Clark and Mark W. Morris

In episode 1 of Jersey Justice podcast, Dimple interviewed Clark Law Firm P.C. attorneys Gerald H. Clark and Mark W. Morris and one of the questions she asked them was “Why did they decide to become personal injury lawyers.”

Listen to the entire episode below:

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Gerald’s Story of Becoming a New Jersey Civil Lawyer

Gerald grew up the youngest of 13 children and went to College at Villanova in Pennsylvania. Jerry served a four-month internship in Washington DC for Bob Dole, and it was an amazing experience for him.

Bob Dole had a miniature Schnauzer named leader and he asked Jerry to walk his dog. Dimple joked with Gerald that it may have been this cute dog that inspired him to become a lawyer.

Here is the Real Scoop

Jerry stated, “I liked the experience so much that I wanted to work in Washington when I graduated college, and I realized from working there, people that had jobs that I would want to do all had law degrees.”

Jerry’s internship with Bob Dole highly influenced him to go to law school and pursue a career in civil law.

After law school, Jerry opted to go into insurance defense rather than taking an entry-level job in Congress or the Senate because the pay for these jobs was low and Jerry wanted to pay off his school loans.

How Did Mark W. Morris Realize He Wanted to Practice Law

Mark always wanted to be a lawyer, but he was not sure what type of law he wanted to practice. Ultimately, Mark decided to go into the practice of personal injury law.

Mark shared that his neighbor asked him how he became a lawyer. He recalled a sheet of paper from elementary school where he listed that he wanted to be an FBI agent or lawyer.

Mark grew up around law enforcement and was always good at history and English and bad at math, so he decided to pursue a career in law.

Mark worked for the prosecutor’s office in Monmouth County for 10 months and then met Jerry.

How Jerry and Mark Connected at the Bar That Everyone Went to After the Lifeguard Competition

Jerry was at the beach one day and Mark was working as a lifeguard. Jerry also used to be a lifeguard and they were in lifeguard competitions together. Mark lost his wallet at the beach but was able to sweet talk his way into the bar where he bumped into Jerry again. Mark asked Jerry, “Are you looking for a law clerk?”

Jerry was looking for a law clerk and was impressed by Mark’s work ethic and asked him to come in for an interview. Mark got hired and can now share the story of how he got hired there and it all stemmed from the same day that he lost his wallet at the beach.

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