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The Harm of Insurance Defense Doctors

Defense Medical Exams (DMEs) are infamously called “Independent” Medical Exams (IMEs) by insurance lawyers.  These DMEs are not “independent” as they are not being conducted by a third-party without an interest in your personal injury case.  Instead, they are performed by doctors who receive a lot of money from the insurance company to testify on their behalf – against you.  These doctors have one interest in mind – to provide testimony against you so that the insurance company can pay you as little money as possible for your injury.


Ignoring the oath that they took to “care adequately for the sick” many of these doctors prefer to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from insurance companies.  Time after time, these “hired guns” testify under oath that the injured person did not sustain a permanent, life-changing injury, is exaggerating their injury or that the injury is totally unrelated to the accident.  These, so called, doctors examine the injured person for a few minutes, quickly review extensive medical records and then draft reports that benefit the insurance companies; sometimes, they don’t review or even write the reports themselves, they simply just sign them.  They are paid to say what the insurance companies want to hear. 

Why do these doctors disregard their oath and allow insurance companies to “buy them out?”  Well, because of the many benefits that they receive; they no longer need to worry about being sued for malpractice, as they are not the treating doctor; they also don’t need to worry about fighting insurance companies or haggling their clients for payment.  All in all, the more they minimize and discredit the injuries, the more business referrals they get from insurance companies.

However, the Clark Law Firm is here to help you.  Our staff and attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to protect your rights against these insurance companies and the many tricks that they will use against you.  Contact us today for an evaluation of your personal injury case.

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