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How Your New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney Will Evaluate Damages

When it comes to evaluating the potential settlement value of your case, your New Jersey personal injury attorney will ask you several questions to evaluate all possible items for damages. The below list contains questions about many different elements that you might be able to recover at settlement or trial. In order to maximize your chances of receiving a higher settlement, you should prepare the answers to these questions for your attorney to review. Some of them might not seem especially relevant, but you never know what damages you can argue in your case.

  • Have you had any difficulty maintaining friendships or other relationships since your injury?

  • Have you begun using drugs or drinking heavily since the injury occurred?

  • If you are married, has your marriage suffered since the injury?

  • Is your life expectancy now shorter because of your injury? Are there experts who can testify to this?

  • Can your loss of life expectancy be quantified with economic losses? Can an economist testify about the economic impact of your reduced life expectancy?

  • What medical expenses have you incurred and what expenses can you expect to incur later in your life?

  • Have you had to hire a nurse or other caretakers to maintain your life?

  • Have you needed to purchase medical equipment or accommodations due to your injury?

  • Can an expert testify as to future medical expenses you will likely incur?

  • What will these medical expenses be, and what would they total?

  • Can an expert testify as to the present cash value of likely future medical expenses?

  • For how long in your future will this care be required?

  • Can you claim a loss of consortium?

  • Have your children been deprived of any companionship, or has their quality of life suffered at all due to your injury?

  • Does your jurisdiction recognize claims for loss of consortium or loss of affection in injury cases?

  • Did you sustain any property damage in the incident?

  • For how long was your property damaged or removed? What is the value of the property that was damaged?

  • Has your injury reduced your potential earning capacity at all?

  • Has your injury cost you any prospects for advancement, or caused you to incur additional expenses for retraining?

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These are just some of the questions that will likely come up in any personal injury case. You want to make the strongest case possible for the most damages. For help from an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney, call the Clark Law Firm, PC at 877-841-8855.

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