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MOM Hip Implants

I’ve Had a Metal-on-Metal Hip Implant. Should I Contact a NJ Personal Injury Attorney?

As your NJ personal injury attorney will explain, close to 500,000 Americans have received metal-on-metal hip implants in order to treat problems with their hip joint. These implants were once touted as the best alternative to traditional ceramic models and were supposed to leave patients with a trustworthy, durable joint implant they could rely upon for support and uninhibited daily activity.

However, as a NJ personal injury attorney can attest, more patients than ever are meeting with legal representatives to discuss how the maker of metal-on-metal hip implants, DePuy, Striker and Wright, may be responsible for injuries potentially caused by their product.

What are the typical symptoms of a metal-on-metal hip implant malfunction?

As your NJ personal injury attorney will explain, most victims of metal-on-metal hip implants have experienced complications due to metal fragments releasing from the device, which is caused from friction between the ball and socket. This metallic debris can cause extremely painful side effects for the patient, which often results in the need for further treatment or a complete second hip replacement.

The role of your NJ personal injury attorney is to calculate the amount of money you may have lost as a result of the defective product and file your claim for damages against the product maker. To date, the most common offenders of metal-on-metal hip implant problems seen by your NJ personal injury attorney allegedly include DePuy ASR, DePuy Pinnacle, Stryker Rejuvenate, Stryker AGB II, and Wright Profemur-Z.

Symptoms of metal-on-metal implant deterioration include pain in the groin, necropsy of surrounding tissue and loss of bone density in the area surrounding the implant. For some patients, the complications have caused an inability to return to work for an unnecessarily extended recovery period, all of which may be compensable with the help of your NJ personal injury lawyer.

Contact a NJ personal injury lawyer today

If you believe that you experienced complications with your metal-on-metal hip implant, a NJ personal injury lawyer may be able to help you recover the compensation you deserve. For more information, contact NJ personal injury attorney Gerald H. Clark today at 877-841-8855.

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