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Discount Stores Selling “Useless and Damaging” Oil Products

Discount stores across the country are allegedly marketing and selling to consumers deceptively labeled and virtually useless motor oils.  These oils are alleged to cause engine failure, excess wear and tear and/or decreased fuel efficiency.  These oils are also believed to be virtually useless in most present day engines.

If you or a loved one purchased any of the below products from a discount store such as Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, or Super Dollar Store, you may be entitled to a significant cash award.

Corporations should not be permitted to prey on individuals seeking affordable yet functional products.  Indeed, misleading consumers into buying products that are allegedly useless or damaging should not be permitted in a free and informed marketplace.

If you or anyone you know has purchased among the following:

Auto Club Motor Oil, Black Night Motor Oil, U.S. Spirit Motor Oil, MaxiGuard MG Motor Oil, LubeState Motor Oil, Orbit Motor Oil, U.S. Economy Motor Oil or American XT Motor Oil from a New Jersey Dollar Store; contact the Clark Law Firm, P.C. at (732) 443 – 0333.

You or a loved one may be entitled to a substantial cash award.  Speak with the class action attorneys at the Clark Law Firm P.C., today.


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