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Obtaining Proper Documentation of Medical Expenses

Your New Jersey personal injury attorney will most likely advise you that acquiring proper documentation of your medical expenses is of utmost importance.  Several things may occur if your attorney is unable to obtain all relevant documentation of your medical expenses.  One such consequence is the severe undervaluation of your case.  If your attorney does not obtain a large medical bill and presents your request for settlement without it, the result may be that your case settles for a significantly lower value.

The following items will help both you and your New Jersey personal injury attorney gather all relevant medical documentation related to expenses, which will help your chances of achieving the maximum value your case is worth.

Obtain Medical Bills to Give Your Attorney

Your New Jersey personal injury attorney will usually tell you that clients often have better success gathering copies of medical bills themselves, particularly if they request the records in person at the medical provider’s place of business.  Your attorney will also tell you of the benefits of maintaining a dual check system where you gather copies of every medical bill yourself.

Maintain Separate Records of Medical Expenses

Your New Jersey personal injury attorney will probably advise you on the importance of keeping accurate records of all medical expenses, prescriptions, visits to medical providers, as well as any other relevant medical documents.  Because an accurate record will directly affect the settlement amount of any case, it is crucial that clients gather and maintain accurate documentation of all medical expenses.

Your Attorney Will Request Records From Providers

Although most New Jersey personal injury attorneys contact medical providers to request medical information, it is important that your attorney also requests medical expense information.  Separate letters, or copies of letters, should be mailed to the account manager of any medical provider your attorney is in correspondence with, such as hospitals, physical therapy facilities, or doctor’s offices.  Due to the fact that most medical providers and facilities have a medical billing department separate from their medical records department, it is necessary to duplicate record-gathering efforts.

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