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Pointers for the Physical Setting in a Video Deposition

A video deposition is legal testimony that is captured on videotape with a camera instead of simply being recorded on paper by a stenographer in a courtroom. You NJ accident attorney may opt for a video deposition, which allows him or her to play back the resulting footage to the jurors or the judge in your case. This is a more effective way for your New Jersey accident attorney to present important testimony in your case.

Prior to your video deposition, a lawyer from our New Jersey accident law firm will prepare so you exactly what will take place and what you can and cannot do.

The most important thing you need to remember during your video deposition is to look directly at the camera while you are talking. This is really important, because in order for the jury to believe you and be sympathetic to what you are saying, you need to look them in the “eyes” as you talk. So, although you should look at the lawyer when he or she is asking you the question, you need to then turn and look directly in the camera, or the jury, to answer the question.

If during your answer or explanation you need to point something out on an exhibit, you need to ask the individual who is video taping you to show the exhibit as you point something out. As soon as you are done referring to the exhibit, the videographer knows to stop showing the exhibit. You do not need to request for this.  Also, if at any point during your video deposition you need to take a break, use the restroom, or get a drink, you simply have to ask the lawyer who is taking your deposition.

Lastly, if you are uncomfortable, the camera light is too bright, or there are any other distractions during your video deposition, you need to speak up. Your deposition will be very ineffective if you are distracted.

For more information regarding what to expect at your video deposition or if you have any questions as to how you should act, please contact an experienced New Jersey accident attorney at the Clark Law Firm, PC by calling (877) 841-8855 or filling out the form on this page.

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