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A New Jersey Traffic Ticket Lawyer on Traffic Ticket Defense

Motorists don’t usually think about the consequences of a traffic ticket until they receive one. A ticket can adversely affect one’s driving record and drive up insurance premiums. You may well find that a good source of assistance in fighting a traffic ticket is an experienced and dedicated Belmar traffic ticket lawyer.

Signing the Ticket Is Not an Admission of Guilt

When you sign a ticket you are not signing away any chance of fighting it. As a New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer will tell you, tickets can be fought successfully. Even if you know you were in the wrong it may be in your best interests to fight, as will be seen.

Receiving a ticket does not mean you are a bad person. However, the way motorists are hit with penalties would make it seem so. Perhaps you had a bad day at the office; or you are late for work because you slept in. We all feel rushed at times and often this is just when an officer will ostensibly see you speeding or failing to stop fully at a sign. The problem is that in spite of this minor lapse in judgment, you are likely to receive an expensive ticket.

A Belmar Traffic Ticket Lawyer on Fighting Tickets in Court

It may seem unnecessary to hire a Belmar traffic ticket lawyer to assist you in fighting a simple traffic ticket. However, New Jersey law provides that motorists who are ticketed receive points on their driving record in accordance with the violation. Just a single failure to stop or improper turn can mean two points. More serious convictions, such as speeding, carry four points, and sometimes even five. The DMV tracks these points, and you may lose your license if you accumulate too many.

Your Belmar traffic ticket lawyer does not want you to suffer higher insurance costs or expensive fines for a simple, one-time traffic offense. It is possible to prevent fines by fighting the ticket in municipal court. Even if you have no other alternative but to plead guilty it may be possible for your Belmar traffic ticket lawyer to negotiate down your penalties so that in exchange for such a plea you do not receive points on your driving record. It is worth fighting to save your good record and prevent you from having years of increased insurance costs.

If You Need Assistance From a Belmar Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you have been ticketed for a moving violation, it is vital that you attempt to fight it in order to save yourself from significant penalties. Contact a Belmar traffic ticket lawyer at the Clark Law Firm, PC today. Call 877-841-8855.

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