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Disorderly Conduct in New Jersey

As a New Jersey disorderly conduct lawyer will tell you, the law defines disorderly conduct in a broad way. While this is intentional, and meant to account for the uniqueness of each situation, the broad nature of such a charge provides grounds for a defense.

A New Jersey Disorderly Conduct Lawyer Discusses the Definition of This Charge

One’s perception of what constitutes disorderly conduct may be somewhat skewed by media and television programs. As a New Jersey disorderly conduct lawyer can tell you, while a charge is serious, the nature of the offense may be anything from shouting to participation in a full-scale riot. Such alleged acts can sometimes be charged differently as well. For instance, participation in rioting can bring assault charges.

Among common actions that lead to a disorderly conduct are:

  • Fights
  • Yelling in the street
  • Other actions which disturb the general peace
  • Verbalizing obscene or other offensive language

What is common to all such charges, as a New Jersey disorderly conduct lawyer will tell you, is that the act must occur in a public place. Areas that are considered public are highways and streets, apartment buildings, places of business, amusement parks, bus stations and other transportation facilities, and schools, among others.

A New Jersey Disorderly Conduct Lawyer on Bringing an Action

A charge of disorderly conduct is brought in criminal court. In order for a person to be charged the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt:

  • The action occurred in a public place

  • The defendant had either a purpose to disturb the public or acted in such a way that establishes reckless behavior without regard for others.

Potential Penalties on Conviction

As your New Jersey disorderly conduct lawyer will explain, a conviction can have serious consequences both in the short and long term. A defendant thusly convicted may be fined more than $1000, be required to do community service, and/or even spend as many as six months in jail.

The long term consequences, as your New Jersey disorderly conduct lawyer will attest, are even more potentially serious. The individual who is convicted will have a permanently record of the crime. This alone can make finding gainful employment or decent housing difficult.

Call a New Jersey Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

Given the serious nature of a disorderly conduct charge, it is very important that if you are arrested and thusly charged you have an aggressive and dedicated New Jersey disorderly conduct lawyer on your side. Call the Clark Law Firm, PC today for effective representation at 877-841-8855.

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