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The NJ Injury Attorneys at the Clark Law Firm, P.C., Handle Electrocution Accident Cases

Electrocution accidents are the cause of many burn injuries, debilitating injuries and even death. Although the majority of electrocution accidents occur in the workplace, they also occur in our everyday lives outside of the work environment, unsuspectingly both in and outside of our home. The effects of electrocution injuries can be minor to severe, including lifelong disabilities and death. Often times negligence contributes to electrocution injuries in which case you can seek financial compensation. The experienced accident lawyers at the Clark Law Firm, P.C. will research the circumstances surrounding your electrocution accident to ensure the proper parties are held accountable, and that you seek the appropriate compensation for your injuries and/or disabilities.

Causes of Electrical Accidents and Electrical Injuries

The severity of electrical shocks can vary quite a bit depending largely on the amount of voltage – either high-voltage or low-voltage, as well as the path the electrical current travels into and through the body. The causes of electrical injuries vary quite a bit as well. Sometimes electrical injuries are directly caused by faulty equipment or electrical lines, or negligence on the part of the employer, property owner or architect. Other causes may include failure to exercise safe practices while working with electrical lines due to misuse or lack of sufficient safety training for workers, as well as insufficient safety precautions on product labeling.

Although logically the highest at risk for injuries caused by electrical accidents are those that work on construction sites, electricians and utility employees; accidents do occur in settings outside the work environment to innocent pedestrians by power companies failing to maintain their wires or failure to perform timely repairs of storm damaged wires. Sometimes home appliances malfunction or the electrical wiring in your home may be compromised in some way causing an electrical accident and injury.

Common causes of electrocution injury include but are not limited to the following:

  • Unmarked Power Lines
  • Lack of Electrical Warnings
  • Defective or Malfunctioning Equipment or Appliances
  • Contact with Overhead Power Lines or Hot Wire (with an aluminum ladder or crane)
  • Contact with Underground Power Lines
  • Children Biting into Electrical Cords
  • Improper Handling of Equipment
  • Failure to Provide Ground-fault Protection
  • Lack of Safety Training
  • Unsafe Work Environment
  • Worker Asked to do an Unsafe Job
  • Violation of OSHA Regulations
  • Lack of Shielding Devices
  • Electrical Overloads
  • Frayed, Substandard, or Damaged Electrical Cords or Wiring
  • Drilling into Power Lines
  • Sagging Power Lines
  • Exposed Electrical Wires
  • Puddles of Water Near Appliances or Light Switches
  • Power Plant Construction Accidents
  • Failure to Properly Ground Outlets and Wiring
  • Failure to Turn Off Electricity

Regardless of the cause of the electrical injury, it is important that you contact an experienced electrical injury lawyer to seek advice on how to proceed. Often time is of the essence, so contacting a NJ personal injury lawyer at the Clark Law Firm, P.C. as soon as your injury occurs is in your best interest. Sometimes electrical accident personal injury cases can be quite complex, particularly if the electrical accident occurred on the job and some type of negligence occurred. In this scenario workers’ compensation and insurance coverage may come into play, so an expert accident lawyer is crucial to protecting your interests and enduring the proper parties are held accountable for your injuries.

Injuries Caused by Electrical Accidents

The injuries caused by electrical accidents can be overwhelming and extremely painful. Survivors of electrical accidents can be left with serious, sometimes lifelong, injuries that can be devastating to both you and your loved ones.

Electrical accident injuries include but are not limited to the following:

  • Second and Third-degree burns

  • Tissue Loss

  • Amputation / Disfigurement

  • Organ Damage

  • Muscle Damage – including loss of sensation, loss of coordination and/or complete loss of limb use

  • Infection

  • Heart Attack or Heart Damage

  • Respiratory Failure

  • Brain Damage – including short and long term memory loss

  • Nerve Damage

  • Loss of Consciousness

  • Spinal Cord Injury

  • Vision loss

  • Hearing loss

  • Seizures

  • Broken Bones

  • Death

At Fault Electrical Accidents

Although the manufacturer and /or Power Company may be negligent and at fault for the cause of injuries caused by an electrical accident, others too may have violated safety rules and should also be held accountable. Other parties related to the incident may have some responsibility for the injuries from which they should be held liable to pay damages for the resulting injury harms and losses. Joint and several liability law provides the mechanism for juries to hold all at fault parties accountable. The insurance company for one party may ultimately be liable to pay less to the injured party in a lawsuit. The experienced personal injury attorneys at the Clark Law Firm, P.C., can guide you through the process.

Contacting a NJ Injury Attorney / Accident Lawyer Regarding Your Electrical Accident / Injures

If you or a loved one has suffered injury or death from an electrocution accident, contact our experienced personal injury attorneys to determine if you have an electrical injury claim. Being involved in an accident leaves victims confused and sometimes uncertain as to what action to take. You may receive token settlement offers from manufacturers and not be sure what is acceptable. Many of the injuries caused by electrocution are permanent, life-long injures that will change life moving forward, and may impact the ability to work. You have the right to seek compensation for your injuries or death of a family member when it is caused by another party’s negligence, defective equipment, or poor or unsafe working conditions. The injury attorneys at the Clark Law Firm, P.C., will help to protect your rights and will work to help you seek financial compensation for your loss and/or injuries.

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