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Your Personal Injury Journal

Your New Jersey personal injury lawyers may want you to keep the following items in your personal injury journal.

A List of All Health Care Professionals You Have Consulted With or Visited

A complete record of all medical visits, as well as consultations over the telephone, with doctors and other health care providers is essential.  Since these health care providers will be able to provide copies of your medical records to your New Jersey personal injury lawyers, your attorneys will want you to record 1) how you felt prior to and during medical visits, 2) what your feelings and reactions were after you learned about your injury’s nature, progression, and extent, 3) what advice your physicians and other health care providers gave you, and 4) how you responded to their advice.

Specifically record the name of each doctor or health care provider, his or her address, telephone or other contact number, the appointment date, and any advice given.

Witness List 

Every witness will be unique as to the extent of his or her testimony regarding wage loss, emotional trauma, pain or other consequences of your injury.  You should record the name, address, and telephone number of each potential witness, and the possible testimony he or she may provide concerning a specific day, event, or incident.

Be Aware of Your Journal’s Importance

Because your journal is an accurate record of your injury, discomfort, pain, damages, and consequences, it is of vital importance in your trial.  It can be used by your New Jersey personal injury lawyers to document your feelings each day as you suffered through the pain and discomfort caused by your injury.  It can also show how your injury has affected your daily life and or changed you as a person.

Where Appropriate, Cross Reference

It will be beneficial to cross reference, wherever appropriate, entries, sections, or whole chapters in your journal to other pertinent evidence such as lost wages, police reports, tax information, medical reports, videotapes, or photographs, etc.

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