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Top Tips for Hiring the Right Newark Injury Lawyer for Your Case

If you or a loved one was injured in Essex or Monmouth County or in neighboring New Jersey neighborhoods, finding the right Newark injury lawyer to handle your case can make a huge impact on the outcome.  It can be confusing on how to go about determining which NJ law firm will meet the unique needs of your case.

Top Tips for Hiring the Right Newark Injury Lawyer for Your Case

Below are 5 Tips for Hiring the Right Newark Injury Lawyer for Your Case:


Do They Communicate Effectively?


One telltale sign to look for is communication skills.  From your initial contact with the law firm to the intake process and/or meeting them in person, were they good at communicating with you?  Did they take the time to walk you through the case evaluation process and did they take the time to answer your questions?


Ask the Right Questions Before Hiring an Injury Lawyer in Newark, NJ


Instead of hiring the first injury law firm that you speak to, consult with 2-3 law firms, and ask them the same questions and then determine if their experience and expertise would be helpful to your case.  Some questions to ask before you retain an injury lawyer:


  1. Do they have experience handling cases similar to yours?
  2. What is their track record of success and what types of verdicts have they obtained over the years?
  3. How do they go above and beyond, in other words, what makes them different than every other personal injury law firm in New Jersey?
  4. Can they share examples of how they have obtained justice for previous clients?
  5. Are they more of a “mill” that takes lots of cases or are they more selective with their cases and only take on cases for clients they feel they truly had a chance of helping?


Check Out Their Reviews and Social Media Channels


Another important factor in choosing the right law firm to work is to look at their reviews and testimonials.  Reading reviews will give you an indication of the experience for the client as well as what types of injury cases they have experience with.


If the law firm has a YouTube channel or a podcast, watch some of their videos or listen to their podcast to get a better understanding of their knowledge, expertise, and how they have obtained justice and past results.


What Do Your Instincts Tell You?


One of the most important factors in choosing the right injury lawyer for your case in Newark, New Jersey is to make sure that you feel comfortable working with them.  Do you speak Spanish or Portuguese and would be more comfortable working with a firm that has a bilingual lawyer in their firm?  This is just one example of things to consider when it comes to comfort level.  The best tip is to ask the right questions, and then do your homework and follow your instincts.


How Can Their Prior Experience Be Applied to Your Case?


Consider asking them how they have obtained successful outcomes for previous cases. What contributed to their prior success and how can their experience be applied to your case?


Do You Need to Hire a New Jersey Injury Lawyer to Handle Your Case?


Contact Clark Law Firm P.C. to discuss your case with one of our skilled injury lawyers by contacting us via our website or call us at 1-877-841-8855. For more information, visit our YouTube Channel here and check out our podcast here.  If you require a bilingual personal injury lawyer in Essex or Monmouth County, Hablamos Español and Falamos Português.